Monday, 17 June 2013

The New Soulminer

I will now be utilising Rebelmouse for my Malifaux blogging.  Check out the continuing story of my Malifaux adventures at

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Avatar Sonnia Wip

Nearly finished Sonnia. Just need to paint the flame Dragon next.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Turf War Perdita v Leviticus

Had a game against Ade last week at Headingly Heart centre.  I hadn't seen Ade since the Leeds Wargaming Centre so it was good to catch up.

He is still as mad for Malifaux as he ever was.

We agreed to practice for the up coming liverpool tournament.

We played shared plant evidence.

I fielded

[*][B]Abuela Ortega[/B] [7ss]
[*][B]Guild Austringer[/B] [5ss]
[*][B]Guild Hound[/B] [3ss]
[*][B]Guild Hound[/B] [3ss]
[*][B]Santiago Ortega[/B] [7ss]
[*][B]Sue[/B] [8ss]

Perdita because of her speed to plant evidence and obey sue who would be spending AP playing with taking wounds to get extra cards.  Abuela would heal Sue and Obey him again if needed as would the enslaved Nephlim.

The austringer was there to keep Ade's crew out of my side of the table or at least make them hurt if they got too close.

Santiago was chosen for his ability to have an extra walk.  Again helpful when planting evidence.

I chose breakthrough and claim jump.

Ade Fielded

Canine Remains
Dead Rider
The Hanged
Soulstone Miner.

Turn 1

This write us is late som I will probably get this all wrong but Ade flew his Watcher forward.  However he left it open for an attack from Perdita that failed miserably.

Sue took three wounds to get me three new cards and them moved forward.  Abuela healed him. Enslaved Nephlim obeyed Sue one more walk.  Santiago snook up the flank.  While the Austringer changed plans and decided to push up the field and pursue the Hollow waifs.  Two guid hounds race up the flank.

Can't remember what shinanigans Ade got up to but Levi died.

Turn 2

Perdita finishes off the Watcher and moves further up the field. Sue Abuela and Nephlin repeat the same tricks.  Austringer takes a swip or two at the hanged.

The hanged and the Dead Rider tag team the hounds and terrify them into running for the board edge.

The souldstone Miner who is buried moves next to the austringer.

Turn 3

Perdita gets busy planting evidence while the rest of the crew try to keep Ade busy.

Sue goes mad and goes after Levi and gets himself killed.

Soulstone miner unburies and attacks the Austringer.  luckily he survives uses his push away and continues to attack the hanged.

Santiago has an evil plan to lead storm the hanged (4 wounds left) the Dead Rider (4 wounds left ) and the soulminer (4 wounds left) however, he hasn't got his extra walk yet.  So he shoots at the hanged but fails to kill him.

I use Abuela and Nephlin to obey the hounds out of trouble but they get scared right back to the table edge again.  Still they keep the Pale rider and the hanged busy for another round.

Turn 4

Perdita Plants more evidence.  I start to feel im wasting her skills but she is getting me VP.

The Hounds get killed.

Santiago has a spell cast on him halving his wounds.  Thankyou.  Santiago goes ahead with his plan to fill three victims with Lead.  Yep you guessed it, Black Joker! Disaster.

Dead rider moves in to my half and starts to plant evidence.

Turn 5

Perdita plants Evidence again and moves to the enemy deployment and my stake a claim.

Everybody dies part from the Nephlim.  I can't remember how.  I think Santiago Lead storms the Soulstone miner and the Hanged before he gets killed.

Levi summons a desolation engine and goes looking for Perdita.

Turn 6

Perdiat plants the 4th piece of Evidence and hides behind the claim jump and in the deployment zone.  However, the desolation engine moves into the deployment zone and spoils my breakthrough.

I get 6vp

Ade gets 8 he has more soulstones than me 2 vp ll 4 evidence 4vp and Levi died 4 times 2vp.

Friday, 16 December 2011

new WIPS

Started work on my Jokers

I have also been working on my Eden gaming board.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Sonnia Criid Alt. Sculpt with OSL

Here is my latest Malifaux mini.

More experimentation with the Day glo pigments I had imported to the uk.  Im really pleased with they way they are working out.  Your votes and comments would be appreciated.