Friday, 6 May 2011

Catch up post. The email, the club and Malifaux what?

This post will be the first of a series of posts to catch up on the first month of my return to gaming and painting.

Two years ago I ran my own gaming club following the closure of wargaming world in Ilkley. We would meet most weeks to play warmachine/hordes and confrontation.  I would often game at Leeds night owls also.

While running the club I was also at university pursuing a new career.  After graduating and finding employment I had to disband the club. All my Minis were put in storage and my brushes hung up.

The next two years were a mixture of working hard and dreaming of picking up the brushes and contacting my gaming buddies. It never happened.

Then 4 weeks ago I received an email from an old buddie wanting to get back into gaming. We organised to meet up at the new Leeds wargaming centre. My friend wanted to get back into 40k. I said ok but I wanted to continue with warmachine and confrontation too.

Leeds wargaming centre turned out to be a great place. However, something strange was going on. There was a corner of the room where cards were being flipped and whole lot of cheating being announced. We took a closer look.

Malifaux what? Is that French?

We were given a demo game and I instantly fell in love with the miniatures. I played with a Viktoria crew and faced some little exploding dude with pigs and a really annoying sniper.

I just loved the potential synergy. I didn't fully understand the game but I could see the possibilities.  Using a deck of cards instead of dice instantly seemed to make sense and felt right.  I have played alot of poker and shithead in the past and enjoyed the element of holding certain cards in hand while gambling on what will come your way on the flip then using your hand to manipulate things.

My head hurt but I was hooked.

I lost by the way.

What next? Which faction? Which master?

I love the painting side of the hobby and decided to go with the master that I wanted to paint.  But I want to paint them all!

After much deliberation I decided upon Perdita and the ortegas. Her model just blew me a way. I put my order in.

And I waited... and waited... and waited some more.

I want to paint! But I also wanted to support the shop I had ordered from so I kept waiting.

But how long could I wait?

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