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Persdita V McMourning Battle report

Battle report: Perdita v Mc Mourning

Leeds Wargaming centre (Gin Distillery gaming board)

The shotgun wedding had been one of the best the Ortega clan had ever seen.  No one quite remembers who's idea it was to raid McMourning’s Moonshine factory for supplies, but all agreed it hadn’t gone quite to plan.

The Ortega’s had been staking out the distillery for over a week.  The Guild had suspicions that the still was being used for more sinister reasons other than those given by Mcmourning who claimed the alcohol was purely for research of a ‘medical nature’.  The Ortega’s had failed to gather any evidence to the contrary.  

While stealing some moonshine for the party why not snoop around for some evidence while they were at it.

Perdita led the motley crew of would be booze thieves come drunk detectives through the streets of Malifaux in the hope no one noticed she could barely walk in a straight line.  She was closely followed by Brutus Ortega the Groom aka the executioner, who would hopefully be able to carry too barrels of booze back to the party.  Nino was tasked to keep an eye out for trouble.  The Death Marshall to stuff as much booze in his coffin as he could fit and the three witchling stalkers were there because they new the dirtiest songs.  The Governer’s proxy was the smallest of the crew and would sneak down the delivery shaft and let everybody in from the inside.

“... and I said if you like the bend in my sword getta load of this!”  

“ and what did she say?”  

“Well she had a bigger one than I did!

“shh you three.  I thought I heard something.”

Mc Mourning knew that while the Ortega’s were busy at one of their blasted shotgun weddings he had a clear night to add the final ingredient and get it out of the still and back to his lab.

However, it wasn’t long before one of the dogs raised the alarm of the intruders.

The Excecutioner
3 Witchling Stalkers
1 Death Marshall
Governer’s Proxy

Strategy: Slaughter
Schemes: Kill Protege (Bette Noir) and Hold Out

Bette Noir
3 Dogs
2 Necro Punk
Mourg Assistant

Strategy: Claim jump
Schemes: Kill protege (Executioner) and Hold Out

My Plan

Have a firing line headed up by Nino shooting anyone who attempted to get the claim jump while preventing anyone from making a break for my deployment.

The executioner would take out anyone who got close.

Perdita been the fastest would help out until turn 5 and then make a break for the enemy deployment zone.

Turn 1

I won the initiative.  i would leave Nino and Perdita to activate last in the hope someone would be out in the open to shoot.

Mark began by moving his dogs and necro punks towards the claim jump.

McMourning had ordered them to protect the final ingredient.

Nino although cross eyed began by killing one dog and wounding another.

Perdita dropped her control hand down a grate and had to use hero’s gamble and added two high crows to her hand.  I would keep these for any headshots from nino (if he could see), instant kill from the executioner or a pine box from the death marshall (this would get me no points for slaughter but would be a giggle).

Turn 2

Nino wounds a necro punk and another dog.  nino decided from now on he will always have a drink before he goes shooting.

Two witchling stalkers kill the wounded necro punk.  They later invent a joke about a punk who liked to jump on bendy swords (its very rude).

The death marshall kills the other dog and sticks a barrel of booze in his coffin.

A necro punk charges the death marshall but fails to wound him.  He was distracted by seeing the contents of a kleptomaniac’s hidey hole.  (the witchling stalkers thought his hidey hole was very funny and made up a song about it.)

The executioner moves up to support the death Marshall but is charged by a mc Mouning and a dog.  He is taken down to 6 wounds and drops a barrel on his toes.

Perdita gathers her wits wounds the assistant who was protecting the final ingredient.

Turn 3

The executioner tries to kill Mcmourning but fails to kill him but Mark burns a lot of soulstones and cards to save him.  hopefully I can obey the executioner or Nino to get an instant kill.

McMourning Kills the Executioner.  The bride will be upset! She was looking forward to a shot of McMournings strong stuff.  The witchlling stalkers thought this too was very funny. “ I would like to give her a shot of strong stuff, eh! eh! you get it?  Snigger snigger.

I choose the dog in the hope to kill it with my slow to die move and get all my wounds back, however, I failed to realise the dog had hard to kill.  the executioner dies.

Perdita companions with Nino and kills the assistant.

Nino who is having the game of his life thanks to the powers of the sauce, takes his revenge by killing McMourning with a red joker on the damage flip followed by a moderate.

Mark Then calls it a day.

I win 6 points to 2.

Need to check the rules on Kill Protoge on a mini that never appears on the board.

Perdita drags the remaining crew back to the wedding with as much booze as they can carry.  The Guild Csi Geeks (if they were still conscious) at the party will be keen to take a look at the final ingredients she managed to sneak out of the factory before McMournings booby traps had blown the place up.

“he he! she said Booby, I know a song about Boobies!”

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