Thursday, 2 June 2011

Flying start to the Leeds wargames club league.

Last week I played two league games of Malifaux, both 35ss. 1st game was against dean and his seamus crew.  I drew reconoiter and chose breakthroughs and Frame for murder choosing loco.  I obeyed loco forward twice using perdita and her totem and seams quickly took him out in fear of him blowing up in his face. Turn two dean saw red and charged in to kill perdita. However this back fired and perdita killed seagmus .  I killed a couple of other models that turn and Dean called the game. Getting me 8 full points.

I then played Matt and his nicodem crew.  Matt was very helpful and forgave two mistakes I made. No.1 I gave Nino critical strike which killed one of his models (nino doesn't have critical strike).  I also obeyed loco to charge without a Target which you can't do. Sorry Matt.  Matt taught me that lure is very annoying. Before I knew it Nino had walked across the board and had his pants down surrounded by belles.

Eventually I got the upper hand and Matt gave in by turn 4. Again I got the full 8 points.

Last night I played against a Richard ( I think that was his name) and his colette crew.  Although I lost 4-2 I was very pleased with the game. He was
Obviously a very experienced player andx was pulling tricks left right and centre.

Collette was able to get herself out or trouble really easily.  Need to do some research on how to deal with her, I'm thinking instant kills like nino's headshot or the executioner.

Im now on 18 league points out of a maximum of 24.

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