Sunday, 19 June 2011

The nightmare that is the Dreamer.

Played a Leeds league match against mythicfox on Wednesday and faced his Dreamer crew.

This is the first time I have faced the Dreamer.

We drew shared claim jump.

Mythicfox if I remember correctly had 2 day dreams a stitched together 2 sorrows a teddy and a insidious madness.   I think!

I took all the Ortega box plus two deathmarshalls and the enslaved nephlin.

The first 3 turns very little happened as the dreamer prepared his crew for burial and I took up position ready to be pounced upon and also ready to take the claim jump.

I had taken frame for murder as I'm trying to perfect this scheme. I have had good sucess in announced.  This time I announced papa loco and opened him forward to cause trouble. I also took kill protege on the teddy hoping Nino could repeat his sucess against Pandora the previous week.

Papa loco soon got picked off by a minion losing me that scheme. 

Mythicfox had taken breakthrough and kill protege on Nino.

Nino attracted a lot of attention early and I had to bury him with pinebox from one of the death marshals.

By thus point I was starting to grow tired of Lord chompy bits jumping in and out taking chunks out of me.

After exclaiming "i don't know what to do!" Mythic fox advised do the unexpected.  Do instead of waiting to be pounced on I sent Santiago and Francisco after the two day dreams.

Santiago caused some distraction but soon became food for LCB.  I think Francisco managed to kill the other day dream.

Next all hell broke loose and the Dreamer dropped his crew right on me with all their horribleness up.

Teddy kills and flings the tattered remains of a death Marshall across the board releasing Nino from his pinebox.

In revenge perdita and Nino companion and go to town on the teddy. Perdita spell breaks the poison off Nino and then takes a couple if shots at teddy.  Mythic fox has to burn a few cards to save him.

Nino activates with just one wound left shoots the teddy with a headshot.  With no cards left mythicfox can't save him. I had been saving those cards all game.  I get 2 vp.

The end of the game is in sight. We both start eyeing up the available points.

Mythicfox soon kills Nino to get his kill protege and revenge for teddy.

He then sends a insidious madness into my deployment.

Do I protect my deployment or go for the claim jump?

I decide all available crew us needed to win the claim.  I'm out numbering the dreamer as the stitched together died ( I can't remember how).

LCB makes an appearance and goes to town on my crew.

If I can survive this I can draw 4-4 as I'm currently out numbering LCB.

Oh! LCB rips Francisco and the remaining Death Marshall limb from limb leaving perdita out numbered and me looking the game.

Perdita 2 dreamer 6.

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