Sunday, 12 June 2011

My first battle against Pandora

Faced Mike (aka Malifauxnoob ) today and his Pandora crew.  I believe it was also the first time Mike had faced the Ortegas all together.

Apologies mike if I get any of this wrong.

We drew shared claim jump.  I chose frame for murder (papa loco) this time I announced it in the hope this would make Mike go out of his way to avoid Loco.  I also chose grudge and with some friendly advice from mike I chose teddy instead of the stitched together.  Stitched together can sacrifice himself as his slow to die action.

Mike chose steal relic (or deliver message, I can't remember).  In fact it would be funny if it was deliver message because I posted two letters for him after the club.  he also chose holdout.

My plan was for papa loco to rush forward and cause as much havoc and draw attention away from the claim jump.  Meanwhile Nino would cover everybody from atop of a small ruin.  The enslaved nephlim and Perdita would obey Loco where ever possible.  Santiago and Francisco had the left flank while the two death marshalls had the right.  The claim was a marker in a room in the centre of the table.  My side of the room had three windows that Perdita would shoot through to make the claim jump a killing zone.


Francisco double walks into cover behind a wall on the left flank.  Santiago and Perdita take position at the windows to cover the claim jump.  Both death marshalls move up the right flank.  Papa loco is made to flee by Pandora.  When he activates all he can do is throw a stick of dynamite but misses.

Pandora gets a little too close for comfort and Nino gets off a shot at her with trigger happy trigger.  Pandora passes the damage to the sorrow.  This then causes confusion for the trigger happy as pandora was the defender however, the sorrow was damaged.  With a help of James the in house henchman we decided that the sorrow could be targeted by trigger happy.  Nino obliges and kills the sorrow.


I win initiative and get two high crow cards in my hand.  Could I get away with a Pandora headshot?  They were certainly worth holding onto.

Papa loco walks towards Pandora and casts take me with you which was a big mistake not only did this kill papa loco loosing me frame for murder I didn't cheat it high enough and Pandora Candy and the stitched together all escape unharmed.  However, pandora burned cards and soul stones to do this, so not a complete waste.   Santiago walks round a corner and comes face to face with a cute little girl.  Luckily Candy had already cast a spell so he shoots her causing a few wounds.  I think the enslaved Nephlim fails to obey santiago to finish the job.

The two Deathmarshalls continue there mission up the right flank.  One of which is attacked and wounded by baby kade. 

Insidious madness rushes forward to protect Candy.  Santiago charges candy and kills her.

Perdita shoots and kills the stitched together.

Turn 3

I cant quite remember how this turn goes.  But it was something like this.

Baby Kade kills a death marshall and then stabs Santiago in the back.  Insidious madness kills the other Deathmarshall.

I think Pandora kills Francisco and ends her activation in the room containing the claim.

Perdita shoots at pandora through the window and almosts kills her.  Pandora now has no soul stones or fate cards.  Nino casts in my sights, shoots pandora and kills her.  For his second action point he gets a headshot on the teddy and kills him.  I had been saving the 13 crow for pandora and couldn't resist taking out teddy this way.

However, this was another mistake as I had not read grudge properly.  teddy had to be killed by a melee strike! Another 2 vp down the drain.

Santiago hits baby kade with his knife and gets the red joker on damage and another severe killing baby kade.

I think he then shoots and kills the insidious madness (this may have happened in turn 4)

The stitched together kills Francisco before he dies.


With no one left Perdita takes the enemy deployment and Santiago takes the claim jump.

Im sure the above is not correct.  It will be intereting to see how Mike remembers the game.

I really need to start taking notes and photos.

A really fun game and I'm pleased with my use of triggers this game.  Very disappointed about my failures with both schemes.

Many thanks Mike

Adam 4vp Mike 0vp

I don't think this will keep me at the top of the leeds league this week.

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  1. It was a really fun game for sure!

    I'm kicking myself for doing what I did with Pandora in Turn 2. Thinking it was essential I get out of Nino's sights, I pushed her into that center room, completely forgetting that we'd agreed Perdita could shoot through those windows. Perdita's 3 shots wounded her severely and forced her to burn through her 3 remaining soulstones. I honestly thought she was safe from Nino in that spot, but with the terrain rules being so un-intuitive, he was still able to snipe her through the wall and finish her off. I think that (and Teddy getting killed) happened in Turn 2. Congrats on that though - Pandora doesn't die easily. Next time i promise she won't make a sitting duck of herself lol.

    At the start of Turn 3 I only had the Stitched, Kade and the Madness on 1wd. If I'd have gotten the initiative you'd have had to endure 2 activations from the Stitched, as my plan by then was to just try and thin your numbers. Both him and Kade refused to pull anything nice though, and then it was all over.

    My fav moment? Me announcing a damage reduction flip just as you announced Anticipate, and the look on you face when the top 2 cards on my deck were both Severe :-D

    I'm already plotting my revenge!